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I’m Laura Wokal from Dots World 🙂

I’m so glad you are here. I invite you to my World full of Dots.

I am a beginner coloring book creator for children and adults. Everyone will find something for themselves, fun, relaxation and even education!

Below you will find links to my Instagram, Amazon store, Pinterest and YouTube.

You can write to me whenever you want, I will be happy to meet you ^^

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Benefits of Coloring

A Quick and Easy Coloring Book to color Anywhere and Anytime that requires no experience.

You can give it as a gift to a Child and an Adult, and each of them will have a fantastic time.

Small Notebook Size, Simple DOTS inside, which you can fill with any color using Markers, Crayons or Gel Pens.

You can color pages at Home, while Traveling or Waiting for someone.

Less than 30 minutes and your page will be ready.

The Coloring Book contains 100 pages with 48 Unique pictures.

Each of them has a Unusual title that you can get inspired while coloring.

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My Coloring Books

You can choose from Two Versions. With WHITE background or BLACK background.

Click on the Image to see the Interior and Details on Amazon.

Click on the Name to see the names of the pages Inside.

Hot Air Balloons




Ice Cream











European Buildings



Your Reviews on Amazon

I love reading your honest opinions that you leave after buying the book.

This is a great moment for me to get to know your feelings about my works, it helps me a lot.

Thank you! ❤

So pretty!

These books are so awesome! I love them so much. They really come together once you finish up coloring them. The images are simple and relaxing.


Simply created

I love this book, it is simple fun and easy to color when you've had a very stressful day and just want to color something simple that takes no effort.

Megan l Hanley

Loved it!

This Book Coloring Dots & Mandalas is so fun! I loved it! I willl buy other books from this collection for sure. I recommend. It's so relaxing and satisfying. So much fun.


Minimalistic style for a relaxing coloring experience

You can use just one color or as many colors as you like. Each mandala has got its name …. How cool is that! This minimalistic style is just up my alley. Thumbs up! Highly recommended.

Valentina G.

A great unique book!

This is a really fun book. I've never done anything like this and I can definitely see myself getting the other books. The paper is nice quality. Markers and gel pens look fantastic on it. Going to try pencils soon. If you are looking for a unique coloring experience this is a book to try.

Aden P.

Unique and fun to color

I purchased this coloring book after seeing it advertised on Instagram. I am so glad I did! I am traveling through the pages. Fun, easy, and quick to color. I take the book with me to work and can finish a page while on my lunch break. Highly recommended and happy to support a new artist.


Love these kinds of coloring books!!

I’ve been an avid adult colorist for many years now and I love coloring books like this. I love mandalas and I especially love the black background. It makes it so easy to color in these dots. There’s just something so satisfying in coloring these in. You can either color them in various colors or all just one color if you want. I have quite a few other “one color” coloring books and it’s just so relaxing at the end of a long day. Great for kids too.

Lisa’s Coloring Corner

About me

I’m glad you got here.

I come and live in Central Europe. I like to Travel, so I don’t have one permanent place of residence.

I have Always been a Quiet and Calm child with my Head in the Clouds and in my own World.

I lived in a small apartment with my parents, older sister and a beloved cat named Dot who passed away when I was in high school. He was 17 years old.

We didn’t have much, but there was enough. Being a Recluse, I had my own Opinion on everything. Maybe that’s why I Only have a few Friends.

After graduating from School, I moved Out and went straight to Work.

It was the Biggest Change in my Life.

I had to Become Independent, take Care of and Think about many Things. There was a lot of Stress, a New Job, People and commuting by Bus to Work.

One day a Friend gave me a little Coloring Book. She told me try it, Coloring Helps me Relax.

It was small and very Simple, I put it in my Bag.

While waiting at the Bus Stop, I took it out and Began to Color it with a Pencil, one Color. Shape after shape.

I tried to do it Thoroughly and was completely Disconnected from the Surroundings. I barely looked back and my bus was already approaching.

It was something New, for a while it was just Me and my Coloring Book. She was Right, I Thought. I Cleared my Head of Chasing Thoughts.

This is how my Adventure with Coloring Books began. After many Colored Books, I came to the conclusion that I also want to Share this Experience with Others.

Today I create Books myself and meet People like you. Even though I still have bad days, we are Together now.

Get Connected

Write to me, I would love to meet you and answer your questions.

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